Rehema Chachage

Born in 1987 in Dar-es-Salam, Rehema Chachage moved to South Africa in 2009 to study at the Michaelis School of Fine Arts in Cape Town.

A multimedia and multidisciplinary artist, she uses her own background, intimate moments and personal experiences as an African woman for inspiration. Fascinated by the traditional rituals surrounding women and an astute observer of the society she lives in, she uses video and installations to explore the universal themes of identity, heritage and the role of women in patriarchal societies.

Having exhibited her work numerous times on the African continent, namely in Tanzania and South Africa, Rehema Chachage also took part in several major artistic events in Europe, South America and Asia. Her works were presented at the 2012 Dakar Biennial, at the 2014 BOZAR in Brussels, at the BRASS African Odyssey exhibition also in Brussels and at Borghese Villa in Rome in 2015.