Zineb Benjelloun

Born in Rabat in 1984, Zineb is an artist trained in fine arts and documentary filmmaking. Her designs are inspired by the rich iconography of the urban landscape, while her work attempts to describe and celebrate the Moroccan collective imaginary. 

Zineb Benjelloun has exhibited her work widely (La Gaîté lyrique in Paris, Le 18 and Voice gallery in Marrakech, Le cube in Rabat, Projektraum C10 in Berlin, Tanit in Beyrouth…), designed several posters for concerts and cultural events (Rock en Seine in Paris, Les Nuits sonores in Tanger, Le Salon du livre in Casablanca…), and published magazines and books specialized in graphical arts (Samandal in Beyrout; Slanted and Fields magazines in Germany, Dyptique and Skefkef in Casablanca…).

 She currently lives in Casablanca and is working on several writing and design projects (her first graphical novel, children’s books, visual identities and exhibitions) in Morocco and abroad.