06 Apr 2018

Session 4 In-between

I think that the in-between space is a rich space: whether it is the air space between tree branches, or political in-between spaces such as the diasporic space, or the space between skin and flesh. The question is asked: how do we connect - with ourselves, with the others in the room, with the particles flying in the air, and the ocean beyond the walls?


About Sara Mikolai

Sara Mikolai is a movement-based artist born in Berlin of Sri Lankan-Tamil descent. Since 1993 she has trained in Bharatanatyam, a South Indian dance form, under her mother Diana Mikolai. With this as an access to dance, music and poetry, in 2007 she started to collaborate in various contexts of contemporary performance. Through a decolonial and queer contextualisation, today she creates experimental situations and performances in which she sets a focus on the body-space-, as well as the body-sound relation.


After reading 'Area Studies of Asia/Africa' at the Humboldt University Berlin, she studied 'Dance, Context & Choreography' at the Interuniversity-Centre for Dance (HZT) (University

of the Arts Berlin), where she received a scholarship from the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes. Further, she holds a diploma in Bharatanatyam from the Oriental Fine Arts Academy of London. In 2014, she co-founded the artistic research collective The Dotted Dance Project together with Kiran Kumar (IN); and in 2016 she co-founded the performance space Extantation in Chiang Mai (TH). She currently gives workshops in Bharatanatyam, is co-curating the upcoming project of apparatus GbR, as well as focussing on her solo practice and the research of her collective The Dotted Dance Project.



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