02 Oct - 04 Oct 2019

RAW Screening Room

RAW Screening Room

Come take advantage of our reading and screening room from Wednesday 2nd to Friday 4th from 3 to 5pm. 
We will share a film selection which we sent over to a partner organization TEOR/éTica in Costa Rica during their video art program in April this year. We chose these films thinking about our context and would like to bring them back here.

Train Train Médina (2001),
Douts Ndoye
Animation (sand and paper cut-outs)
7 mins, no dialogue

One day, to build his house, someone starts to steal sand, sand from the beach. In the Medina everything turns in a jumble. Communicative energies and the conviviality between inhabitants are at the mercy of the hustle and the crowd. One day everything collapses. Living together in disrespect of nature and each other causes a time of misfortune that buries everything, erases everything, and leaves no trace.

Dakar Dakar (2013),
Ismaël Thiam
Short film, 5 mins
Production of Africaboyprod (Senegal)

Dakar Dakar by its dynamism takes us for a ride on a Carapide, the emblematic public transport of Dakar. We are invited to feel the pulse of Dakar with its beauty, its people and its flaws. Ismaël Thiam also urges a greater awareness of the plight of street children and the necessity of finding solutions for them.

On est malade (2017),
Collectif On est Malade
Experimental video

Driven by an active research into the sounds/noises of Dakar, the result led the collective to reconsider their relationship with others. Through walking, performance and dialogue, the idea of another language has become possible. This video looks back on a part of this experience of meetings/discussions with people, objects and sounds, all as improbable as each other.

Djula dance (2015),
Musical video, 3:29
Directed by Loïc Hoquet

Algo-Rhythm (2018),
Manu Luksch
Musical film comedy *hip hop musical* data opera against automated propaganda
Starring Gunman Xuman, Lady Zee and OMG

Algo-rhythm, shot in Dakar with the participation of leading Senegalese musicians, poets and graffiti artists, probes the insidious but comprehensive threats to human rights and agency posed by the rise of the quantification and algorithmic managements of daily life.



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