Fridays @RAW

Fridays @RAW is a series of discourse programmes organized every 3 weeks at raw Material Company. They include: vox-ARTIS, RAW Ciné-club, Citéologies and The Argument.

  - vox-ARTIS is a free space for presentation, discussion and confrontation of ideas about art, its practice, production, collection, criticism, analysis and presentation. A time to share art films, lectures by artists and other art professionals, portfolio reviews, book presentations and a general debate on the role of artistic creativity in society.

The vox-ARTIS program is a collaboration with Massamba Mbaye, an art critic, curator and consultant. 

  - The Argument is a series of conversations about the political, economic, social and ecological issues that affect contemporary African societies. The idea is to use current news as a starting point for a critical dialogue between thinkers, activists and artists. Désaccord's ambition is to revive the argumentative and contradictory debate around issues that are part of our daily lives. With Désaccord, RAW wishes to be a space for thought and for the fertilisation of actions serving the transformation of society and an instance of documentation of the epistemic shifts of our complex times.

The Argument is a collaboration with the political scientist and essayist Hamidou Anne.

  - RAW Ciné-club is a film screening programme followed by discussions organized in  collaboration with Aboubacar Demba Cissokho. It is an opportunity to better understand the world of cinema in Senegal and to discuss its future.

Cinémas Noirs, Nouvelle Vague: Our  Contemporary Filmographies are based on many questions. Of what African cinema is the name today? What does it encompass? How do we open up the spectrum in order to have a more accurate vision of it? We wish to observe the mutations that exist in the seventh art and the way in which societal evolutions, regardless of borders, accompany these changes. 

RAW Ciné-club is organised in collaboration with the journalist Aboubacar Demba Cissokho.

  - Citéologies is a programme of reflection on the architectural and urban planning policies of African cities, particularly that of Dakar: to raise awareness of the current state of the relationship between human beings and the built environment in Africa. 

* Classified Cultural Heritage, art to serve the built heritage: As in many countries with a colonial past, the question of protecting places inherited from a collective history arises. In Senegal, new sites are the scene of projects combining art and heritage. How do these projects come into being, what discourse do these buildings carry? How does modernity operate in this context?

Citéologies is being produced in collaboration with the architect Carole Diop.

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