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Fridays @RAW

Fridays @RAW is a series of discourse programmes organized every friday. They include: vox-ARTIS, Parlons sénégalaiseries, RAW Ciné-club and Citéologies.

  - vox-ARTIS: a free space for artist presentation, discussion and talks around art, its practice, its production, its collection, its collection, its critic, its analysis and its presentation. vox-ARTIS is a moment of sharing around films, artists and art professionals talks, portfolio review, artworks presentations and generaldebate on the role of artistic creativity into the society.  

The vox-ARTIS program is a collaboration with Massamba Mbaye, an art critic, curator and consultant. Historian of theories of communication, he is specialized in cybernetics. As a graduate of strategic marketing and communication he teaches these specialties. He is a member of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA) and the current Managing Director of DMedia group. He has been a member of the editorial board of Afrik'Arts, an international visual arts magazine edited by the Dakar Biennale and has been coordinating Dak'art's communication since 2016. He is also a member of the Orientation Committee of Dak'art and is the author of several books on visual arts in Senegal.

  - Parlons sénégalaiseries is a cycle of debates dealing with themes surrounding Senegalese society.

Parlons Sénégalaiseries is a collaboration with Ibou Fall.

Ibrahima Fall, aka Ibou Fall, is a journalist, writer and editor. After attempts at working in the production and editing of comics, with a classical arts baccalaureate (Greek and Latin) as his only qualification, Ibou Fall started his career in journalism in 1989, first as proofreader at the bi-weekly newspaper Sopi, then as a chronicler with Le Billet de Ibou. He learnt about journalism on the job and, with five other journalists also fired from the Sopi weekly, he founded Le Témoin in 1990. First as a journalist, then as Editor-in-chief, he published a collection of his first Sénégalaiseries in 1993. Founder of the dailies Tract (2000) and Frasques (2001), he later published four other Sénégalaiseries issues: Dieu le pire (2009), Banc Diakhlé (2010), Les Egocrates (2012) and NTS, les Nouveaux Types de Sénégalaiseries(2013).

He co-founded the “trentomadaire” Le P’tit Railleur Sénégalais, of which he is the Publishing Director.

  - RAW Ciné-club is a film screening programme followed by discussions organized in  collaboration with Aboubacar Demba Cissokho. It is an opportunity to better understand the world of cinema in Senegal and to discuss its future.

RAW Ciné-club is a collaboration with Aboubacar Demba Cissokho, a Senegalese journalist specialized in Arts and Culture. He graduated from Centre d´Études des Sciences et Techniques de l'Information at University Cheikh Anta Diop, in 2000. Since 2001, he has been working for the Senegalese Press Agency (APS) in Dakar where he resides. Since June 2015, he runs the blog Le Grenier de Kibili where he publishes chronicles, analysis and critiques on subjects of arts and culture, history, memory and heritage. He covers cultural news nationally and often uses his writing to put forward critiques of artistic production and artists in Africa and elsewhere during festivals, literary gatherings, film events, as well as biennales. His journalistic work has allowed him to obtain a solid experience in art criticism in Africa and beyond.

  - Citéologies is a reflection and research programme centered on architectural and urbanistic policies in African cities. It is a setting to think about the current state of the relationship between human beings and the constructed environment in Africa. The goal of Citéologies is to reflect on the improvement of the environment while staying aware of the multiple realities that coexist in contemporary African cities.

Citéologies is a collaboration with Carole Diop, founder and Director of Publication for Afrikadaa. This young architect, graduate of the ENSAPVS, practices in Dakar where she settles after her studies.

Carole Diop heads up the association Afrikadaa in Dakar which actively participates in the Senegalese cultural life, for example with SN Art, a monthly cultural meeting that allows cultural actors from various horizons to exchange around themes linked to the development of creative industries in Senegal.

Carole represented Senegal at the Forum Mondial des Jeunes Architectes.



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